Success Stories

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"Success, like happiness, cannot be pursued;
it must the unintended side effect of one's personal dedication
to a cause greater than oneself."
Viktor Frankl - an Austrian psychiatrist

According to recent surveys, in many parts of the world there has been an increasing number of people who change professions over their lifetime. This fact indicates the growing need to enhance the students' basic skills of communication, creativity, critical thinking, analytical thinking, and emotional intelligence to compete in the real world. Courses offered in the English Department were designed to help students enhance those essential skills to increase their competitive edge in many areas of professions upon their graduation. As a matter of fact, our graduates have managed to perform very well and achieved a great success in various areas such as:
- Arts and Culture
- Banking
- Hotel Management
- Tours and Travel Industry
- Advertising Industry
- Publishing Industry
- Entrepreneurship
- Corporate Management
- Foreign Exchange
- International Trade
- English Language Teaching
- Translation
- Communication