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"Literature is the Question minus the Answer"
Roland Barthes


Petra's English Department, founded in 1962, is the earliest established department in the Petra Christian University (PCU). 


As the world is becoming more and more interconnected, there is an increasing demand for professionals who have English proficiency and cultural literacy. The Department provides a four-year-degree program designed to meet the communication needs of a rapidly-developing international community. The Sarjana Sastra (equivalent to B.A. in English) is a full-time degree program open to graduates of all streams in SMA (Senior High Schools). Almost all courses offered in the department are delivered in English and were designed to develop the students' oral and written proficiency as well as to enhance their cultural sensitivity and expand their worldview.

The main goal of the program is to enable the students to develop a sound knowledge of literary, linguistics, and cultural studies with a mastery of both oral and written English. The Department's mission is to maintain the high standards of scholarship and excellence in the humanities and in the English proficiency. On completion of the program, the newly qualified Sarjana Sastra (equivalent to the Bachelors of English) will be prepared to make an effective contribution to the community in the international context.

Striving for Excellence
Our program aims to produce such professionals. Its syllabi design is the result of years of experience in the area of English Language Teaching as well as the development of recent theories in literature, linguistics, and cultural studies. In addition, we maintain intensive and meaningful contacts with the professional world and international institutions. The syllabi content, therefore, is based on sound theoretical foundation as well as current needs and new developments. Successful completion of your degree will prepare you for a variety of possible positions.

5-Star Rating
The English Department's low faculty-student ratio ensures ready access to lecturers and quality, personalized learning. The National Accreditation Council awarded the English Department a grade of A (outstanding) and the assessors specifically noted our quality in:

  • The excellent management of the syllabi and the teaching and learning process

  • The outstanding performance of the students in their English proficiency

  • The high dedication and commitment of the faculty members and staff

  • The commendable teaching and learning resources

  • The visionary leadership of the program

International and National Links
To enhance the quality of the teaching and learning process and to provide students with practical knowledge and skills, the English Department collaborates with various institutions among which are:
- Chinese University of Hong Kong
- School of Communication Studies, Hogeschool Holland
- Amsterdam Faculty of Education
- Asialink
- The British Council
- American-Indonesian Exchange Fondation.
The English Deparment has had agreements with some of those institutions for students and teacher exchange programs, cyber class activities, and curriculum benchmarking.


Dean : Drs. Samuel Gunawan, M.A.
  e-mail: dk-fs@peter.petra.ac.id
Vice Dean : Drs. Anneke Tupan, M.Pd.
  e-mail: atupan@peter.petra.ac.id
Head of English Department
: Dra. Yuli Christiana Yoedo, M.Pd.
  e-mail: kj-singg@peter.petra.ac.id
Secretary of English Department
: Dwi Setiawan, S.S, MA-ELT
  e-mail: dewey@peter.petra.ac.id


  e-mail: sastra@petra.ac.id