In today's rapidly-developing electronic and communication technology, learning a foreign language cannot be restricted into a classroom anymore. A self-access center which provides vast opportunities for the students to explore materials and improve their foreign language skills is a must. The I L C (Independent Learning Center) of Petra Christian University provides multimedia materials and programs for you, modern learners, to improve your English and Mandarin in your own time, pace and interest.

Opening Hours:
Mon - Fri    : 8 a.m. - 2 p.m.
Sat           : 8 a.m. - 1 p.m.

Faculty of Letters
Petra Christian University

121-131 Siwalankerto Street
Surabaya 60236
Building B, 2nd Floor, Room: V-204
Phone: 031-8439040, ext. 1238

Membership Application

Online Application Form

Who can join the ILC?

  • Students, faculty members and staff of Petra Christian University

How can you join ?

  • Simply register yourself at the Receptionist by filling out the application form, give 2 recent photographs, pay the fee of Rp 5,000 per semester and hand them in to the receptionist. You will receive your membership card and a folder of your Study Plan and Self-Study Record.

  • Show this card to the receptionist everytime you come to the center.

What do we offer?

  • A CONVERSATION CORNER to improve your speaking ability: Enjoy making conversation with your partner (s) or our stand-by tutor. Make use of the Pronounciation Clinic as well.

  • A READING HALL to improve your reading ability: Enjoy reading our choice collection of English and Mandarin books, magazines and newspapers.

  • AN AUDIO STUDIO to improve your listening ability: Check on our collection of listening materials, enjoy also watching films from our video and VCD collection.
  • A WRITING CLINIC to improve your writing skill: Consult your writing with our Writing Tutor
  • SELF-ACCESS MATERIALS to cater your special needs in improving your language skills, grammar and vocabulary.
  • MULTIMEDIA COMPUTERS to link you with the global world and improve your English and Mandarin through CD-ROMs and games.
  • A STUDY PLAN to help you monitor your activities and progress.
  • CLASSROOM MATERIALS to help you enrich what you have learned in the classroom.

What is available ?
The Self-Access materials are arranged in different colored folders as follows :

Sp  -  Speaking  (red)
L    -  Listening  (green)
R    -  Reading  (brown)
W   -  Writing (light brown)
Pr   -  Pronunciation  (orange)
St   - Structure (light blue)
V    - Vocabulary (blue)


The self-access classroom materials are organized in blue folders as follows:

Poe - Poetry
Pro - Prose
Dra - Drama
Pho - Phonology
Mor - Morphology
Syn - Syntax
Soc - Sociolinguistics
DA - Discourse Analysis
Psy - Psycholinguistics
Bri - British Studies
Ame - American Studies
Aus - Australian Studies
Chi - Chinese Studies

More materials will be provided more classes in other departments will join ILC

What should I not do in the center?

  • Use the materials and equipment outside the center

  • Tear, write or put any marks on the materials

  • Smoke in the center

  • Drink or eat in the studying area

  • Damage the equipment and materials

  • Disturb other users

  • Speak in languages other than English

  • Bring bag, hat, and jacket into the center (lockers are available).